The work has begun! As I’ve mentioned we are beginning a home remodel to update our 10 year old house. It’s in good shape but esthetically it could be better….and now we’re making it so!

Now, in my house I’m the handy one (thanks to my Dad) and Hubs would rather pay someone to do it. I figure I can tackle most of the update list myself with support from him (read Kitty duty) as needed. Plus it’ll help my budget spread further for upgrades here and there.

Knowing that tearing up tile flooring would be the worst, most grueling, dust-filled part of the list I figured we’d start there. Man am I glad we did! We are on Day 3 of the process and have barely gotten half done. Granted I had to give in to Hub’s scheduling and couldn’t start til after noon the first 2 days so I’ve got about 10 hours of labor in by end of day 2. I did have to cave though and call the big guns in because (1) Hubs needed to get back to the office and (2) I’ve got a cold and can’t breath.

And it's begun!
And it’s begun!

So here’s what I know and tips to help you get through any similar process.

If you think you’re going to use a chisel and hammer to do this kind of work think again! Our contractor friend, Glen, said he’d help me as needed. He brought over a hammer drill for me to use to tear up the tile. Is it wrong for me to call it my new best friend? Did you know there is a mortor bed under a tile floor? This stuff is hard to get up and creates a ton of dust when it is broken up. I highly advise sectioning off the rooms where you are working to keep the dust contained. We put plastic sheeting up over doorways and installed these nifty tarp zipper doors where needed and cut an opening.


Where do you start you ask? The easiest way to get started is at a vent, if possible. Typically the tile is exposed down to the subfloor and you just put your tool there and start chipping away.

Remember, safety first! Be sure to have protective eyewear, heavy duty gloves, and a mask all ready to don. There is a chance for errant tile to hit you in the face so protect your eyes, the dust is real, real bad up close (trust me), and there are sharp edges on those broken tile pieces as well as nails which makes cutting your hands up a possibility without gloves.

End of Day 2
End of Day 2

That’s all for today. I’ve got to get back to Kitty duty and will have more to update soon!

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