Thanksgiving for our home the last few years consisted of myself, Hubs, and Kitty. This year we will have some of our family joining us. From Florida Hubs’s Mom and a family friend and locally my parents and 2 sisters. We are so very grateful that we can host the feast this year!

Over the years I have managed to put together what I consider to be a pretty great meal. Of course, we have the old standbys of turkey, stuffing, and mash potatoes with variations and updates to green bean casserole and canned cranberry sauce (you know, the kind that keeps it’s shape when de-canned).

For the turkey I have been using a Curtis Stone recipe for a few years now which consists of a Sage Brown Butter being made and put under the skin as well as on top. It creates a very golden, juicy turkey!


For our mashed potatoes I started making this version from Rachel Ray that Hubs loves. It’s super easy and with the leftovers you can make a potato soup.


As far as stuffing is concerned I admit I cheat on this. I know I know, stuffing is easy but it’s something I haven’t attempted to make on my own. One year as I was going through Williams-Sonoma I was tempted with the most amazing smell and tasted their Focaccia Stuffing and was sold! One day I’ll make the leap but for now I’m going to stick to this.

Gravy. Who doesn’t love it? I have managed to master it so well that mine is the only one that Hubs will eat. This I do make from scratch and have tweaked the recipe on the box of my gravy separator to create.

The veggie side has almost become the star of the meal. I made these Green Bean Bundles with Bacon & Brown Sugar for a cookie party a couple years ago and they were a hit! Decided to add them to the Thanksgiving menu since my green bean casserole was never quite right. I won’t lie. They can be a bit time consuming but they are oh so worth it!


We round out the meal with a Cranberry Orange Relish from Trader Joe’s and Sister Shubert rolls. I highly recommend you try this relish. It is just the right amount of tart and citrus.

The last item that I make is an apple pie from scratch (almost, I do use pre-made crust😁). I have managed to mesh together 3 recipes to create an incredible masterpiece. My Dad even loves it and he’s married to my Mom, the cake baker. I get the pounds of apples, peel and cut them by hand into just the right size. Then toss them lovingly in a mix of spices and lemon juice before placing them in their pastry bed and covering them with chunks of butter. It takes every bit of me to wait for it to cool before digging in!

Over the month I’ll share more on these including my tweaks on the recipes. Perhaps you may add one to your meal this year!

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