I have a self-diagnosed case of wanderlust. I blame it on my previous job. There I had the opportunity to travel frequently. While it was for business, we always found a way to squeeze in personal fun. And that’s where I got hooked!


So on the eve of travel, as I gather my necessities, I wanted to share a few tips I’ve gathered over the years to make air travel easier.

1. Check your destination weather to make wardrobe planning easier. Also assume that if you’re going to a conference the meeting rooms will be freezing. Nothing makes it harder to concentrate than when your lips are blue and you’ve almost shivered yourself out of your seat!

2. Don’t forget to bring sanitizer and wipes. I am a huge fan of Purell and have a couple of purse size squirt top bottles in my travel bag. I also found they have wipes which to me are better than the Clorox ones as I feel those you need to wash your hands after using. Wipe down your tray table and armrests with those bad boys!

3. Make sure you bring headphones. I’ve been fortunate to have the song of child sung while on a plane and it’s not very pleasant for the long haul. It also helps ease anxiety since you can now be plugged in from gate to gate (make sure you know the safety speech though before you do that!).

4. Have your devices charged. It’s such a bummer when you’ve downloaded a movie to watch on your tablet only to have the battery die part way through. Also invest in one of those travel battery pack thingies, it’s saved me many a time when I’ve used up phone battery on map usage.

5. If I’m traveling in the summer I also pack a pair of socks and a sweater in my carry-on in case the plane is cold. Again, hard to manage if your teeth are chattering the entire flight!

6. Snacks? Sure. Most of the time I pack them and then don’t eat them. Also depends on length of flight. Short flight not necessary but always for a long one. I try to take good snacks like apples but do resort to crackers and licorice.

7. Gum and band-aids. The gum comes in handy for ear popping. And you never know when you may have an injury so band-aids in the bag help.

WantedΒ to share a bit for the traveling part of trips and know I’ve left some things out. To me being comfortable during the flight is most important. These are my old faithful, don’t forget things. What are your must haves for traveling?


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  1. All great ideas and will use them on our flight. I really enjoy reading you comments. So proud of you 🐱 πŸ›  πŸ˜ƒ

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