While scrolling social media recently, I came across an article for a 30 day fitness challenge and was inspired to get moving again. I’m of the mindset that movement is good and helps maintain where my body is at currently without getting all crazy with a fitness and eating plan. I go in spurts with them and am currently just taking it easy. Even so I will try to incorporate some form of exercise into my day, whether it be 10 squats before I put away the laundry I just brought upstairs or 10 push-ups after I put away said laundry. While I write this, I can honestly say that I have been lazy of late and have done zero of anything for the last handful of weeks.

Now I know this is holiday time and why on earth would anyone want to start any sort of fitness plan but I challenge you this, won’t the fitness plan you resolve to start at the first of the year be easier to start if you are already moving no matter how slight it might be? So I hope you join me in doing this 30 day challenge!

PS – I know it’s already started but they’re easy-peasy movements you can make up easily!

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