One of my goals for the new year is to be better organized. I have some organization in my home, but I know it can be better. One of my first steps on this path was to find that one perfect planner for the year.

I have had a love/hate relationship with planners. I’ve looked at the multitudes of them at the store. I’ve tried different ones on my phone. I do use the calendar app religiously but only for appointments and trips. I’ve used the reminder app and have failed miserably with it. I like to write down a to-do list. There’s just something really satisfying with crossing off a completed line item.

This year will be different I told myself. So I considered making one that would suit my needs. In the end though, it seemed rather daunting when I realized what it would entail. I needed ideas. And what does one do when they need ideas? That’s right. Pinterest. After spending hours looking at kitchens and e-cards, I found several planner ideas that spoke to me. I downloaded one and created a daily sheet for it with what I felt it needed to keep me on track. I made it so I have 3 boxes on one sheet instead of one giant sheet for each day. I don’t need that.

You may ask, why did I pick one to download? Well, I liked the ability to completely customize it. Pages can be left out that don’t fit into the ideal planner. The size of it can be made according to what size your bag is or how it fits in your hand. The cover can be a picture of your cat (Kitty would like this!) or your favorite superhero. Then you print it out and put it all in a binder. Or, have one of the office supply stores bind it for you. Believe it or not, this can be done at the same cost as a binder or less. If you have yet to find that one perfect planner then take a look at these ideas for inspiration.


PlannerHere it is! I’m sure Mama Miss didn’t know when creating this planner it was destined for me! I went with the full blogging package of course. There are planners here for everyone. Daily, teacher, homeschool. There’s even a snazzy menu planner!




I found this daily page a while back on Pinterest and loved the different aspects on it. It really hits on things I want to have a pulse on. Plus I love the fill in graphics!





This daily is designed for work life. It covers the different aspects of one’s day at the job. Bonus that it’s made so you can type on the form. One less page to lose on your desk with other paperwork!



PlannerIf you are serious about your fitness this year then this one’s for you! It covers all aspects of a fit life. Plus it’s on special right now for the new year.


There’s more on our New Year, New You board if you’re still searching for the one. And make sure to check back next week for more organization ideas for your home!


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