Happy Friday!

Crazy how time flies, huh? Seems like yesterday it was Christmas! Before we know it, it’ll be summer. But I digress.

This week has flown by for me. It seems like all of the things I wanted to get done I didn’t even though I did make a bit of a dent in the list. I know I promised more on organization but ended up getting caught up in where to start next. What would you say is your most pressing area that needs attention? I’m working on a couple things and would welcome thoughts on the matter!

Well, back to work for me and here are my faves this week!


I am really digging all of this! It has a fresh feel with modern and rustic touches. Love the topiaries flanking the window.

Friday Favorites


There is something about being able to walk under the stairs and use that space. The attention to details in the arch is amazing.

Friday Favorites


When you need a functional guest room/office space. The setup here makes it seem like the perfect place to work and rest.

Friday Favorites


While I’m not super crazy about the pictures here I do love the sofa and accessories. The light over the corner of the sofa makes a good place to set up for reading.

Friday Favorites


I used this infographic the other day to make a soup. Comes in handy when you don’t really know what to make and/or are not motivated to make anything really involved. And with the cold weather we’ve had here in the Midwest comfort food is a must!

Friday Favorites


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