Raise your hand if your bathroom storage leaves a lot to be desired. (Raises hand) I know mine does! We have a nice sized master bathroom but the storage under the vanity sinks isn’t great. And then we have a wall cabinet over the toilet which isn’t the easiest to get to the top shelf in. Our towels and paper are stored in the super tiny linen closet in the hall. This means I’ve had to get creative over the years to make the most of organizing the space.

While I put this post together for the masses I am also taking notes for my own space. Once again there are a million and one results that come up from a search. While I did try to pinpoint a spot of pain for everyone I also painted with broad strokes. Hope I hit on something to help make your bath space more organized!


This is such a cute idea!  Anything that is small enough to go in a jar should be. Obviously the jars are clear so you can see what’s in them but there’s just something about putting a label on a jar or box that makes it seem even more organized. These are printables so go check them out. The French Laundry style on the left is nice for taller jars. The one on the right is simple and pretty.


A couple of ideas on how to corral things. A tray always seems to say put things here. The bowl is a nice add for jewelry. The cake stand is a nice way to bring things up off the counter. The tiered basket covers both of these with having a place to put stuff off the counter and making it mobile too.


Having cubbies in drawers in a huge helper! Keeps things from rolling around and getting buried in the back. A divided tray makes it easy to just place in a drawer and forget it. Putting trays and bins in a basket in a drawer also helps to keep things in one spot. And who doesn’t love this cubby/drawer niche?! A place to put things up top and little bowls in the drawer to keep things super organized!


Finally a couple of random options for keeping other things in their place in a bathroom. The idea of putting magnets on the back of your makeup and placing it on a magnet board is smart. Let’s you see what you have and need. Adding shelves to the wall next to a sink adds storage and keeps things within reach. Using a magazine file to store heat tools makes it easier to use and then put away.

Whew! That’s a lot of different areas in the bath to get organized. Hope I found something great for you that you can’t wait to implement. I know I have! Need more ideas? Follow us on Pinterest for more!



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