Happy Friday!

Is it Friday already? Seems like this week has flown by! Got in Sunday evening from Salt Lake and took a breather for the night. After picking me up from the airport, Hubs and I went to pick up a pizza from my favorite local pizza joint (Zio’s) and headed home to catch up and watch a couple shows.

Then it was time to get to work! Monday had a lot of organizing and reviewing going on with a couple chores sprinkled in. I went through my notes and started a to do list. Checked out the Facebook group page for everyone’s updates and questions from the conference throughout the day. And that’s pretty much how my week went. I have a pretty long list but am excited to really get to work on it. I also was able to check out some things and have a pretty good idea for a starting point and where I’m going moving forward. Have a couple things to finish up and then I’ll be ready to get to it Monday.

Next week will be busy but a good kind of busy I think. I hope you’ll stick around for what I have in store for the K&L site….I think you’ll like it! 😊

Wishing you a great weekend and here are my favorites this week!


This kitchen has such a warm, earthy feel to it. The article calls it a handsome kitchen and I agree. The walnut cabinets, elm wood floor, and stainless steel appliances make this a swoon worthy space!

Friday Favorites


This is such a gorgeous shower! The high gloss tiles mixed with the patterned tiles on the floor bring a lot of interest to the space. I really love the goose neck shower head and saloon style doors.

Friday Favorites


A luxurious, relaxed feel to this dining space draws me in. To be able to sit there and take in that view and smell the sea air coming in through the windows would be a dream.

Friday Favorites


I love the simple, rusticness of this bedroom. The lights on the headboard call for long nights reading in bed.

Friday Favorites


As a bonus I wanted to share this recipe that I’ve seen recently from a few different outlets. I desperatly want to make it but am missing a couple of the ingredients. It seems super easy and sounds delicious!

Friday Favorites



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