One of the most pivotal things to happen in my life was the day that I was placed in the home of my parents. See, they aren’t technically my “parents” but to me they always will be. These wonderful people opened their home to me and from nearly day one I have called them mom and dad.

I grew up in a not-so-great home which had me removed from it at 12 and after bouncing around a couple places I ended up at the place I could always call home at the age of 15. This is when I was blessed with a “new” mom. One who would show unconditional love for me even though I was not of her blood. She didn’t just do it for me. She did it for countless others too. I can only imagine the size of her heart for having so much love to give and to be able to give it to so many. She showed how truly remarkable it is to be a mom.

An Ode to Mom
Me & Mom on my wedding day

I say that she is the best mom in the world. I’d be willing to bet that you say your mom is too. Neither of us are wrong. At the heart of a mom is the willingness to go without. To put someone else’s needs before their own. To be able to say it’ll be ok and make you feel that that is the absolute truth. To offer an ear when needed and a hug to make it all better. The one that you call when you need advice, whether about life or how to make meatloaf. For the most part we have all experienced this and then some. Then each of our moms has that other part that makes her more special to each of us. One of those things for me is the occasional treat I will find waiting for me when I get home from traveling.  It could be cake or bread or other comfort food. One of my favorites was homemade chicken pot pie after a cold, busy trip to New York City.

An Ode to Mom
Kitty, our fur child

So when I think of Mother’s Day I always think of what an incredible blessing it was for me to find my forever mom in a person who I only had the chance of being a daughter to after living 15 years without her. And even though she didn’t give me life she gave me life. I’ll always be eternally grateful for that.

Since I won’t be able to celebrate with Mom on her day, I will emulate her by making a big Sunday breakfast in Florida. We’ll be visiting Hubs’s mom and the rest of the family there. Rather than staying in our usual hotel we decided to go Airbnb and rent a condo near the beach. This will allow us to enjoy it more and also host everyone for said breakfast. While I don’t want to give away the menu I will share this incredible baked French toast recipe with you. It is super easy to put together and leave in the fridge for 18 hours and still come out great. I’ve made it with challah bread and topped it with Nutella and maple syrup. I bet it’d be great with powdered sugar and strawberries too.

An Ode to Mom

I’ve also got a great gift for Mom this year. Can’t wait to give it to her and am super excited to give it to her early cause the suspense of her reaction is killing me! In case you are still looking for the perfect gift and can’t come up with any idea, let me be of assistance. I rounded up a couple lists with ideas for you with things you can pick up from a local store or order rush shipping. There’s still time!

An Ode to Mom
Top Left | Bottom Left | Right

Once you have the perfect gift picked out you’ll need to wrap it up real nice. Here are a couple sites with super cute, printable gift tags and even wrapping paper.

An Ode to Mom
Left | Right

So are you ready to celebrate mom? What kind of plans do you have for the day? Share in the comments and then give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see what we’re up to Sunday!


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  1. Such a lovely tribute to Karin. You are a very lucky young lady to not only have survived those first 15 yrs but to have found Karin & Pat. They are wonderful, caring people and it is my pleasure to know them and call them family. God bless all of you. Waiting for the great food you will prepare since you are a fantastic cook.

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