With Memorial Day fast approaching I wanted to share a few of my favorite grill recipes. I’ve used these over the years and they come to mind often because of how good they are! When it comes to recipes I always make them as stated and then tweak them the next go around and sometimes even after that. So I’ll share the original and also my tweaks. Then you have a couple ways to make the dish.

These burgers with red onion marmalade are amazing! Like super amazing! When we made these we went the easy route and used pre-made Angus beef patties from one of the warehouse stores. We also went with the option of Gorgonzola or goat cheese in place of blue cheese. Everything else was made as the recipe called for.

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Full disclosure here. I am not a huge potato salad fan. I know, what’s wrong with me? But then this potato salad came along. I swapped in low calorie (NOT fat free) ingredients when I could. Also I found the recipe as written to be a bit dry so I added another half amount of mayo and sour cream. Then eyeballed the cheese and bacon….cause, can you really have too much cheese or bacon?

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Dessert time and let’s keep on grilling! This grilled peaches dish was used as inspiration only. We had just gone to the farmer’s market and the peaches looked incredible so we had to pick some up! The grilling of them gives such a nice, smoky, sweet taste. We paired them with plain ol’ vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

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If you’re having salads what better way to have them ready for everyone than to put them in giant glass canisters. I know what you’re thinking. Those lids are heavy! If everyone is getting their food at once then leave them off until everyone has their serving. If anyone wants seconds then it’s not going to hold up the line removing that lid. And just remember you’re not only keeping the salad fresh by covering it but you’re also keeping the bugs away!

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A super cute idea for chips! Instead of buying a sack of individual sizes be economical and go for the large bag. Separating them out also prevents everyone from sticking their hands in the bag or bowl. And again keeps the line moving.

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How great is this idea for condiments? Again a container with a lid to keep things bug free. Plus, there won’t be any of that icky stuff around the dispenser on the squeeze bottles. And the display looks amazing!

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In my experience barbecues are set up buffet style. Keep the line moving with these ideas for passing out silverware and napkins. And if you use the mason jar idea the person has a cup to use also. Super handy!

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Via Eenig Wonen  & Catch My Party

Typically when you have a barbecue everyone will mingle outside. Outside in the summer can get buggy especially in the evenings. And nobody wants to spray gross repellant on themselves. So to help with that here are some ideas of plants that can be used for natural insect repelling. Plus, it’ll beautify your space and smell amazing!


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