Happy Friday!

Did you know today is the 4th busiest travel day of the year? I sure didn’t when I booked our flights home for today. So, along with millions of others, this is a travel day for me too. I spent the last few days in Las Vegas with Hubs for a conference he attended. A short trip is always a nice getaway…especially to Vegas! My max time there is 3 nights because of sensory overload. All the lights and sounds can really get to me since we live in the country where it’s pretty quiet. This time around seemed busier than usually there for a midweek trip. We could only speculate that it was because of the long holiday weekend and people were getting a jump on it.

I am excited to get home! Not only am I exhausted but I have big home plans after Memorial Day. I will finally get our kitchen cabinets painted. I have made it a non-negotiable for myself so that I will no longer put it off. This means that our kitchen will be nearly complete in our home remodel. We will also begin our process of interviewing builders for our new home. Our goal is to speak with the several we have in mind over the summer and make our pick in the fall. Since we are going to be working with this person and their team for nearly a year we want to make sure that we are cohesive and get along. Nothing’s worse than dreading to speak with or work with someone that isn’t your favorite and we definitely don’t want to do that during this process.

Our long holiday weekend will be a quiet one since we’ve been in Vegas for a few days. What kind of plans do you have for yours? If you’re still looking for barbecue ideas make sure to check out our Memorial Day Barbecue post. There’s some good food in that one!

Now here are our favorites from this week!


The use of a herringbone pattern here takes a plane Jane bench and elevates it. Herringbone gives interest and character to anything I think. It’s a favorite of mine.

Friday Favorites


Always a sucker for a long, beautiful hallway! This one is no different with the use of wood panels on the ceiling, the barn door, and those hanging lanterns.

Friday Favorites


A nice mix of elements in this kitchen. A blend of rustic and classic using wood on the ceiling and cabinets fronts with marble countertops. It all plays nicely with the farmhouse style sink and industrial style windows.

Friday Favorites


In love with the setup for this living room! A nice, structured sectional with a table whose top looks like an old, rustic door. The leather poufs on the cowhide rug is perfection.

Friday Favorites


The floor pattern in this bedroom is amazing! The fabric wallcovering adds a nice texture and warmth to the space.

Friday Favorites


Love the use of penny tile in this rustic bath. Penny tile can be a little busy but is calmed down with the simplicity here. Even the faucet is kept simple.

Friday Favorites


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  1. I love those sliding farm doors. Joanna uses them in almost all of her remodels as well as an island in the kitchen. They have such beautiful things and now you can order from her store and online. How great is that. Glad you are home safe and sound. Enjoy your weekend and try to relax some. Love you guys…..Momma

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