Happy National Donut Day!

So it’s June and I’m trying to figure out what happened to May. Seems like it just flew by! Maybe it’s because it was so jamb packed full of stuff including 2 trips. Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to drown my sorrow with free donuts in honor of National Donut Day.

Regardless, I am jazzed for June! I have so much that I want to get started on and done this month. One of the most pressing things is getting our kitchen cabinets painted. I know, I know. I’ve been talking about that forever but it’s finally going to get done. I have even done a couple of test swatches on them to decide which way to go paint wise. And since Hubs will be out of town for a few days this month that seems the perfect time to get this done. That way I’m the only one put out by the process and I can handle that.

Another thing on the June to do list is to start our process of finding a builder for our new home. We have a meet with a potential realtor and if things go well then we will begin our interviews. I am beyond excited for this!

And to really kick things off this month I picked up a new bike this week and plan to start riding as part of a fitness plan for myself. Kinda let myself get lazy over the winter and need get back in shape. Since Mom and I have made a goal to start bike riding this summer it’s a perfect time to get going. Plus, having a buddy to do fitness stuff with always helps with accountability.

Hope you enjoyed a short week and here’s some of our favorites!


After watching Fixer Upper a few times this week I have modern farmhouse style on the brain. Am crushing on this house right now!

Friday Favorites

A great, first impression entry with the shiplap walls and sleek staircase. Kept things simple but interesting with the decor using minimalist, natural items.

Friday Favorites

A ceiling with detail on it is good in my book! The added panels with the beams complement the board and batten walls in this living room. To avoid competing with all the details keeping things simple decor wise is a must.

Friday Favorites

Love a kitchen with white cabinets! Gives such a clean look especially with the white shiplap walls. The wood countertop on the island really warms up the space.

Friday Favorites

Again a simple space with a rustic touch. The use of the beams not just on the ceiling but along the wall gives a separation to the bedroom by keeping the bed in it’s own nook apart from the seating area.

Friday Favorites

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