Happy Friday to you!

We had an exciting start to our week! Met with our builder to ask some final questions before partnering with him. Then we checked out a couple lots that we had our eye on with him to make sure they were a good choice to build our home on. Once we had that cleared our realtor made an inquiry on them and found there was interest in them. That’s when things got interesting. We had a to decide if we wanted to wait to see how the other buyer would proceed or if we should make an offer. Then if we made an offer would it be for our initial lower price or should we bump it to where we thought a counter offer would be at.  We went ahead with making an offer at the higher amount and the sellers accepted without countering!

With us partnering with a realtor and a builder and then finding a lot for our home we are well ahead of where I thought we’d be. We thought it would take us through the summer to interview builders while looking for a lot and making a final decision on a builder in the fall. Now we have added time to be able to work on what kind of home to build. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing!

Usual busyness for the rest of the week but next week is pretty open giving me time to get ready for my next trip. Did you have a good week?

Here’s our favorites from the week!

Favorite Kitchen

Friday Favorites

Favorite Dining Room

Friday Favorites

Favorite Space

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bathroom

Friday Favorites

Favorite Infographic

Friday Favorites


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Enjoy your weekend!

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