Normally, I wouldn’t be so jazzed it was Friday except this one means one day closer to what’s become a yearly BFF trip. This year we head to Florida for fun in the sun and a Dave Matthews Band show. So excited!

This was a get-stuff-done at home week for me. Needed to finish painting the last little bits of the cabinets so that they’re done when I leave. While he won’t outright admit it, Hubs doesn’t do well in an out of sorts home life. Parts of our kitchen and dining room have been occupying the living room during theĀ painting of the kitchen cabinets. I don’t like it much either but I think my ability to put it out of my mind is better than his. One more day before back to normal!

Usually after a large home project I take some time off to enjoy the fruits of my labor and get caught up on things I had to take my focus off of. Trying to decide if this time will be the same or if I should dive in to a not-so-large project. Something I’ll mull over at the beach next week I think.

One thing I was able to keep on track was rounding up our favorites from the week!

Favorite Kitchen

Friday Favorites

Favorite Library Space

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bedroom

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bath

Friday Favorites

Favorite Nook

Friday Favorites

Favorite Recipe to Try

Friday Favorites


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Enjoy your weekend!

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