Happy Friday to you!

Last week I spent in Florida on an annual girlfriend’s getaway with my friend Sunni. We’ve been friends since middle school and I don’t even want to start thinking about how old that makes me feel! It was such an awesome trip that it took a minute to get “re-acclimate” back home. Ever have that happen to you after a trip? Needless to say, I cannot wait til next year’s BFF trip!

This past week had some excitement in it too. At the start of the week we had the closing on our lot and the following day we signed with our builder. Now the fun part begins! Next is to gathering all of the ideas I have and send them over. We won’t start working on the plans until after I get back from Italy next month. Yes. That’s right. It’s finally next month!

With house stuff on my brain it was hard to narrow down the favorites for this week!


Favorite Kitchen

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bath

Friday Favorites

Favorite Space

Friday Favorites

Favorite Flooring

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bag

Friday Favorites

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Enjoy your weekend!

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