It’s Sunday!

Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

One of the things on my list for the weekend was to attend the local home showcase, Street of Dreams. I’ve attended over the years and stockpiled ideas for our next home. This time was no different except that I think I found the layout for our new house. One of my most favorite things, and a want of mine, is a long-ish hallway with a wall of windows on our main level. Have not been able to find any plan out there that was quite right and when I would go to draw it out it just wasn’t right either. Definitely got some inspo now!

Another cool thing that happened is Hubs went out with me. On Saturday. One of the busiest days of the event. And he agreed to go a second time during the week. Yay me!

Sunday Funday for us will consist of watching some of the Olympics and catching up on shows. Anything fun planned for your day?


Sunday Inspiration


Sunday Inspiration


Sunday Inspiration


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Enjoy your Sunday!!

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