Happy Friday!

Seems like forever ago I started planning a trip to Italy and now it’s just 4 weeks away! Isn’t time a crazy thing? When you want something to hurry up and get here it takes forever yet when you want something to linger it goes by super fast.

With that in mind I know I need to start getting things in order now so I’m not rushing around last minute to get things done. I’ve been slowly gathering samples of things to either take with me or to reuse the bottle for product. My thought is to pitch things as I use them up instead of bringing home a bunch of empty bottle. Plus it’ll make room in my bag for goodies I want to bring home!

One of the things I’ve been excited to use to help my planning is a bullet journal. It has been beneficial for keeping me on task and getting things done so much better than any other planner I’ve ever used. I’m working on a post about it that I hope to share next week talking more about it. It’s definitely been a life changer!

Now for our favorites from this week!


Favorite Kitchen

Friday Favorites

Favorite Dining Space

Friday Favorites

Favorite Bedroom

Friday Favorites

Favorite Tile

Friday Favorites

Favorite Nook

Friday Favorites

Favorite Recipe to Try

Friday Favorites


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Enjoy your weekend!

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