Can you believe that Christmas is just a couple weeks away? If you’re like me you either just got your decorations out or plan to real soon. Don’t worry. I’m not judging you. It seems to sneak up on us every year!

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the different kinds of decorations. And the simpler they are the better. Here are some that have caught my eye this year.


I’m not sure that I have heard of this one before. Just as it looks you simply replace your tree skirt with a tree basket or tree collar. Thinking I will incorporate this next year!

left | right

To me, there’s nothing like a simple mantle display. And bonus points if it has a rustic feel.

left | middle | right

One of my favorite Christmas displays of ours is a patterned glass bowl that I put silver and white ornaments in with a white ribbon running throughout. It looks so classy yet took almost no time to put together. It makes such a great centerpiece!

top left | top right | bottom

Who doesn’t love free stuff? And what’s cuter than these free printables? Just open the link, print off, and place in a picture frame. My favorite is the O Holy Night one and I think it will find it’s way onto our mantle.

top left | top right | bottom

I hope these ideas inspire you to add something new to your Christmas displays. Or maybe to change something up. I know I will be using a few!

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