It’s Fri-yay!

And we’ve had a technical difficulty! If you’re signed up for our emails you may have gotten one late saying we had a new post up at that time. And we did not. Apologies for the false alarm.

It’s been a busy couple weeks setting goals and planning projects. Trying to figure out where to start on the project list has been a bit of a bear! So I went with what I would be using the most which would be the laundry room.

A few months ago I picked up some cabinets at IKEA that were on super clearance. I thought they would be great as a vanity in our master bath when we remodel it. Once we got our new washer and dryer earlier this month it became obvious that their home should be the laundry room. I finally got them assembled yesterday and my vision started to come to fruition! Not exactly as I imagined but close enough. I hope to finish it all in a couple weeks and will be sharing!

I have also been working on a post sharing the itinerary from Italy. While I had planned to have it done sooner, I ended up getting lost in my notes and photos when putting it together. It all came back to me and has once again filled my mind. Keep an eye out for it next week! Or better yet, sign up for our email alerts!

Now for our favorites of the week!

Favorite Kitchen

Favorite Bedroom

Favorite Bath

Favorite Nook

Favorite House

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Have a great weekend!

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