Happy Friday to you!

So it’s been a bit and there’s been a lot going on over here since I last visited!

First off, we finally have progress on our home front. As you know we finished the plans back in January. Next, we had to wait for the bids to come in to get a good estimate for the cost to build before moving forward. That came through about a month ago and then it was time to apply for permits. But first we had to find out where the power lines were on our property. And guess what? The power lines run right through the middle of our 2 lots. Where our house will go. We were at the mercy of the power company to move those when they could. And they did this week! Plus, we had meetings to pick out windows and electronic elements. It’s been a good week for our house building progress!

This month I’ll be doing the Whole30 challenge and today am on Day 9 of it. All in all it’s going pretty well. There are a couple of recipes that have become my go tos and I’m sure I won’t tire of them any time soon! One I’m sharing today that I like to make with sweet potatoes. The recipe shows white but I’m sure it’s good either way!

Hope things have been well for you all and here are our favorites for the week!


Favorite Kitchen

Favorite Living Room

Favorite Bath

Favorite Stairs

Favorite Recipe

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Have a great weekend!


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