Happy Friday to you!

The last couple weeks we were able to cross a two more things off the list for our new home. We had selection meetings for the electronics followed up with exterior stone and brick. For the electronics we picked out things for the theater space, security system, and whole home sound. Even if we won’t use something right away it’s best to wire for it so it’s done for future use. And I couldn’t have been more excited about the stone and brick selections! It’s so great to have a feel for what our house will look like!

Have anything exciting going for your weekend? Usual here for us. I’ll stop to visit my parents tomorrow and then Sunday is a lazy day at home for me, Hubs, and Kitty. Of course we’ll be watching the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Right now, I’m beating Hubs on our brackets which rarely happens!

Hope you enjoy our favorites from the week!

Favorite Kitchen

Favorite Breakfast Nook

Favorite Living Room

Favorite Bedroom

Favorite Sign

Favorite House

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Have a great weekend!


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