Happy Friday to you!

I’m pretty jazzed about today. I’ve been doing Whole30 this month and today is Day 30! It has been a great experience and very eye opening. One of my main goals was to overcome a type of allergy from an overly sensitive nose. Any type of strong smell and it would set off a chain reaction of issues which allergy meds would barely help with. Happy to say I have found some relief! It’s amazing the effect that food can have on your body, inside and out. The plan was also a great way to get a jumpstart back to healthy eating. Even though the food choices were restricted, I still had a ton of options and cooked some great meals. The resources are infinite and there is an abundance of recipes out there. Even though tomorrow begins the 10 day reintroduction period I think I will be eating on plan more often than not!

Can you believe that April is tomorrow already?! The year seems to speeding by but hopefull it’ll slow a smidge so we can enjoy the warm and sunny weather when it finally comes. It has been more rainy than I can remember and while I don’t mind it it would be nice to have sun again.

And speaking of next month. I have a couple of new posts coming and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Favorite Kitchen

Favorite Fireplace Seat

Favorite Bath

Favorite Work Nook

Favorite Whole30 Meal


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Have a great weekend!


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