Kitty & Lulu will be inspiring you to try new things as you go through your “nine” lives.

When you’re styling your home and need advice and recommendations for what goes where with what and how-tos for DIY projects look here. This is where my heart lives, in interior design.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting to understand wanderlust we all need tips of where to go and where to eat when we get there. It’s possible I have already eaten at your new favorite spot!

Speaking of eating, what’s for dinner? The age old question that usually has a no idea response. I will be testing out recipes found on Pinterest as well as from celebrity chefs and unknowns. You may find a new family recipe!

We all have varying interests in anything health and sometimes it takes the right recommendation of what to try or eat. I’ve been known to fall off the health wagon now and again and always need motivation to get me back on so I’ve done some of the work for you!

Fashionista? Unstylish? We may have something for everyone! This is not a huge area of expertise here but there’s enough knowledge to help get through a season of fashion and beauty. Watch for tips and ideas which I’ll be sharing from the experts.

We welcome any feedback and if there’s something you’ve wondered about but aren’t ready to take the plunge with please share it and I may try it out for you!

Who are Kitty & Lulu?

As you may have guessed Kitty is a cat. Yes, her name is Kitty. She is our nearly 15 year old fur child who is a beautifully snobbish seal point Birman. We met and fell in love with her when she was just 9 weeks old. She oversees nearly everything I do at home so naturally she is a part of this blog with me.

I am Tina otherwise known as Lulu. My mom gave me the nickname when I was in high school. She would call me Tina Lulu (my middle name is Louise) and then it just became Lulu. She is a bit of inspiration for me doing this and that’s why I chose to use Lulu. Plus it sounded cooler for blog naming! šŸ˜‰

I am married to a faith-filled running man named Jim. We have been married since 2004 but were together a few years before that. I met him at work and had spent nearly 16 years helping him achieve his goals to become a business owner and recently left my post at his company.

I love spending time with my little family as well as hanging out with my parents. My mom and I share interests of cooking and home things while my dad and I like to golf together and recently took up fishing together.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of things and inspiring you, dear reader, for years to come!

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  1. I am so so proud of you girl….go for it and don’t look back with regrets…..go forward and
    smile and enjoy the journey. How wonderful and I am so proud that your hubby is behind you too. How exciting and challenging….that is what your lives should always be…at least the majority of the time. I will be checking on you…”

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