We Went to....Italy. My 2 Week Itinerary.

I have been wanting to share about my trip to Italy for some time now. While I can sit and talk about it to no end (seriously!), I just couldn’t decide where to start writing about it. Then it hit me. What better place to start than at the very...Read More »

My First Airbnb Experience

When planning our trip to Italy I knew that there was a budget to keep in mind. I felt the hotels I found in that proposed budget left a lot to be desired so I expanded the search to include Airbnb. My travel buddy had not used these...Read More »

We're Going To...Italy

Italy Pt 1

Ciao! Hello!

I have an amazing opportunity to go to Italy this fall and am super excited for it! We are about 6 months out and I’m sure time will drag. The anticipation of a trip really drives me though. I cannot get enough of researching the place I’m going. Mostly...Read More »

Tuesday Travel Tips

With my parents a few days away from an epic 40th Anniversary trip I thought I’d share a few travel tips. Plus, a couple days ago I returned from a trip so thought I’d stay in the travel spirit!
One of the hang-ups I think most of us suffer from...Read More »

Chicago Memories

As I make my leave from the Windy City I think back to all the previous trips I’ve taken here and the sights visited. My first visit here was 22 years ago when I was 13 and I’ve been back 8 or 9 times since.

When I was a teenager...Read More »

Chicago: Quartino

As I arrive in Chicago for a few days, my mind drifts to where my first meal should be. I have been here many times before and have a couple of favorites. I’m here just before dinner time so I make my way to Quartino. I always try to...Read More »

Jet Setting Tips

I have a self-diagnosed case of wanderlust. I blame it on my previous job. There I had the opportunity to travel frequently. While it was for business, we always found a way to squeeze in personal fun. And that’s where I got hooked!

So on the eve of travel, as...Read More »